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Consultation, training, and support

The right ERP system can provide the best products faster, hold down costs, and give the company a competitive advantage. Nevertheless, the system is not the final line in achieving these goals. In order to ensure optimal performance, partnerships in connection with high quality consultation, support, and training are essential.

Maximum investment yield

Minerva services work to provide optimum return on your software investments

  • Consultations from Minerva
    Provide industry knowledge, the best proven practices, and first-rate implementation capabilities that ensure service according to a time plan, optimum return on investment, and maximum long-term advantages from the solution.
  • Training from Minerva
    Offers a comprehensive assortment of the most modern training services that ensure that IT professionals, end users, and managers have the knowledge they need to translate the software investment into higher productivity and profitability.

Support from Minerva:

The goal of the international team of solution and technology experts is to assist the fluid operation of enterprise applications. Immediate help is available 24/7 at our customer help desk centre.