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Experience with manufacturing and an emphasis on the industrial sector

Minerva focuses on the delivery of solutions that handle the specific needs of businesses in the manufacturing sector. This sector includes automotive, electronics and industrial products, food and beverage, consumer products and life sciences. Minerva defines products and services solving the specific needs of customers in these industries through cooperation with leading global manufacturers.

This focus on distinct vertical markets allows Minerva to deliver solutions that are tailor-made to the needs of producers in these industries. For example, in the automotive vertical Minerva concentrates on solving the needs of automotive suppliers that handle specialized demands such as In-Line Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) with a product for precise stocks for production (Just-in-Time Sequencing - JIT/S).

The result of the attention that Minerva dedicates to the specific market requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises is a set of solutions that solve the needs of customers more precisely than broad, general applications.