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Life Sciences

Minerva enables leading producers in the life sciences industry to simplify their business operations, fulfill demanding certification requirements, and create opportunities on the market.

Industry specialization and vision

Minerva offers solutions precisely for the needs of this industry; these solutions are in line with laws and regulations and facilitate the need to pull products from the market, quality and batch control, connecting with laboratory systems, contracts and claims transactions, contract production, post-sales services, and other specific areas.


The ERP system QAD Enterprise Applications helps companies in the life sciences industry keep in step with industry development and to smoothly adapt to changes such as new trading partners, government and industry regulations, acquisitions, and business or production models.

Support of lean manufacturing

 QAD Applications promote lean manufacturing both inside and outside the company. The automation of business operations and the supply chain enables custom manufacturing and JIT production, the reduction of warehouse inventories and their related costs, and enables quick communication of changes in demand.

Global coverage

QAD EA have been successfully implemented at more than 400 production locations in the life sciences industry, in over 40 countries around the world.

Supply chains in the life sciences

In comparison with other industries the supply chain in the life science industry is limited. Decisions regarding suppliers and subcontractors are typically restricted to qualified suppliers. While the number of participants in the supply chain is limited, the relationships are very tight and lasting. Once supply chains are defined they usually remain static as the result of problems connected with laws and regulations, which prevent changes.

References in the life science industry

  • Beznoska

    The Czech Republic

    Company: Manufactures implants, tools, and operating aids intended for the needs of bone surgery, especially orthopaedics and traumatology.

  • IVAX-Pharmaceuticals

    The Czech Republic

    Company: A leading Czech pharmaceutical company whose activities successfully carry on the one-hundred year tradition of pharmaceutical production in the Opava region. The company’s portfolio includes pharmaceutical preparations, veterinary preparations, food supplements, active substances, plant extracts, and natural drugs. Company activities also include research and development, which is focussed primarily on active pharmaceutical substances.

  • Medin

    The Czech Republic

    Company: The majority of the company’s production and sales is composed of medical tools for all main medical specializations, including bone surgery and implants.

    Case Study Medin

  • SpofaDental

    The Czech Republic

    Company: An important Central and Eastern European company with a long history of producing non-metallic dental materials. The scope and quality of the company’s production significantly contribute to the improvement of health care in the Czech Republic and Europe.

    Case Study SpofaDental

  • Vitar

    The Czech Republic

    Company: Producer of vitamin preparations and nutritional supplements.