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Consumer goods

Minerva customers do business in segments of the consumer product industry, from durable goods to personal goods. Many global brands are supported by manufacturers who use a comprehensive set of QAD products for the consumer product industry.

Industry specialization and vision

Minerva helps consumer product manufacturers achieve their goals in developing their brands, managing deliveries, and introducing new products. Minerva supports all levels of the supply chain of consumer product manufacturers, from producers to sales representatives and end consumers.


Minerva solutions for the consumer product industry handle all e-commerce requirements in a uniform environment, including standard EDI transactions.

Global coverage

Many consumer product manufacturers are active on a multinational level; they deliver products on global markets, purchase materials around the world, and outsource their processes to foreign business partners. The solution supports all configurations and can be easily set up in multiple languages and in large organizations with a greater number of companies. The solution supports the needs of global consumer product manufacturers.

Supply chain for consumer product manufacturers

Consumer product manufacturers cooperate with various levels of suppliers, distributors, and distribution channels to deliver their products to the market. The solution for the consumer product industry was developed to accelerate communication between all levels of the supply chain and to provide tools for better management, deliveries, promotional events, introduction of new products, and brand development, without regard to the position of your company.

Consumer goods manufacturing references

  • Hranipex

    The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Austria

    Company: Hranipex is the largest producer of identical furniture edges in the Czech Republic. In addition to direct representation in the Czech Republic, Hranipex also has subsidiaries in Poland and Slovakia. Thanks to an extensive network of distributors, the country is also active in other European countries.

  • Jitona I Tusculum

    The Czech Republic

    Company: An important producer of wooden and upholstered furniture for home and office. The company uses complete IS outsourcing from Minerva.
    Case Study Jitona I Tusculum


    The Czech Republic

    Company: KOMPAN is a Swedish company that produces playground components. Production and distribution was transferred to the Brno factory in 2004-2005.


    The Czech Republic

    Company: KORADO is the largest Czech and one of the largest European producers of steel heating assemblies and radiators.

  • Magnum Parket

    The Czech Republic

    Company: Magnum Parket manufactures wooden floors using cutting-edge technology. The company has entrusted its data to Minerva, which provides total IS outsourcing to Magnum Parket.

  • metal design