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Minerva’s automotive solutions enable automotive industry suppliers to take advantage of the most effective procedures to simplify production processes and reduce waste in the entire supply chain.

 “QAD solutions supplied by Minerva Czech Republic were the leading products in the automotive industry in the Czech Republic in 2004.” Source: IDC, EAS 2004

Industry specialization and vision

QAD Enterprise Applications have been developed since 1992 specifically for automotive industry production. Minerva provides solutions specifically for the automotive industry. Products are quickly implemented and are more profitable than products requiring extensive modifications.

The vertical of automotive industry, which is intended for QAD ERP, include suppliers producing a wide range of parts from different materials and processing. Minerva has a comprehensive solution for automotive suppliers producing components such as plastic, glass, metal, textile and leather covering on the seats, airbags materials, rubber and electronic equipments.

Lean manufacturing

QAD Applications promote lean manufacturing both within and outside the company. The automation of business operations and the supply chain enables custom manufacturing and JIT production, the reduction of warehouse inventories and their related costs, and enables quick communication of changes in customer demand.

Global scalability

QAD Enterprise Applications has been implemented by over 1,100 businesses in the automotive industry in more than 50 countries. This list includes multinational companies, as well as medium-large Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses. Seven of the ten largest automotive suppliers use QAD.

References from the automotive industry